Time and Attendance Solutions for Government, K-12 Schools

We provide both on-Premise/on Cloud Time and Attendance Solutions for Government Agencies including public safety agencies, K-12 schools, Municipalities and City offices. Our fingerprint time clocks and attendance solutions are extremely affordable and easily integrates with HR and Payroll systems currently used by agencies.

Cloud Server for Fingerprint Time Clocks and Attendance Management

For hosted SaaS time and attendance solutions for government agencies, simple IT solutions use isolated data centers designed to allow US government agencies and customers to move sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements. Our servers are compatible with Linux/Windows.

Data Collection

Multiple data collection options available with the online attendance management system includes biometric time clocks (fingerprint time clocks/face recognition), ID readers (RF/HID/MiFare), Geo-location + Photo punch Smartphone apps(iPhone/Android/Windows), PCs/Laptops/Notepads.


Our fingerprint time and attendance management products comply with all federal, state and local compliance and regulations, including Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA/Obamacare) rules and regulations and HIPAA.

Integration with HRMS/Payroll

Our cloud based time and attendance software integrates with all major workforce/human capital management software (Tyler Munis, Infor Lawson, Oracle Peoplesoft to name a few).

Attendance Rules

Our online attendance system is capable of handling simple to most complex attendance rules and can support multiple companies/unions for one account.

Solution Analysis/Project Management/Installation

We provide all professional services to implement your project from conception to Go-live (including requirements analysis for solution approach and configuration/setups, training, project management and installation services for hardware and software.

CASE STUDY: Somroli Systems Implements Time and Attendance Solution integrated with Tyler Munis

Brockton Public Schools Massachusetts

Somroli System’s cloud based time and attendance solution was implemented for Brockton Public Schools using Somroli’s fingerprint time and attendance machines with ID card readers, fingerprint time clocks include internal battery backups as well as support by 24 x 7 automatic health monitoring and alert/notifications system. This online attendance management system was implemented in Brockton’s 60 public schools across the city of Brockton in Massachusetts.

User Types: This cloud based time and attendance solution is used by Custodians, food service staff, substitute teachers, administrators and tech staff.

Attendance Rules: Many department specific custom attendance rules are built and implemented using online attendance system. Admin staff uses Somroli’s scheduling tool to create employees shifts, certain OT codes and/or employees punch times based attendance rules are automatically applied on employees attendance records.

Leave/Absence management:  Project implemented the use of various time off codes for tracking employee’s time offs using Somroli’s online attendance management system. Time offs used for this solution are Bps FMLA – Unpaid, Bps Admin Leave, Bps Holiday Pay, Bps Workers Comp, Bps Bereavement, Bps Jury Duty, Bps Personal Pay, Bps Sick Pay and Bps Vacation Pay.

Job codes: Project implemented many configurable job codes some of which are selected by the users on fingerprint time clocks at the time of punch in/out and some of them are automatically applied after users complete their shift. The list of job codes implemented is Fs-Regular Pay, Ot-Open Building, Ot-Man Out, Bps Regular Pay, Ot-Open Area, Ot-Construction, Overtime, Ot-Community Schools, Ot-Facility Rental, Extended Work Day, Ot-Snow Removal, Traffic, Ot-Traffic, Fs-Extended Hours, Fs-Acting Asst Mgr, Fs-Acting Manager and Traffic and Ot-Facility Rental.

Server: Project used Somroli’s cloud based time and attendance solutions with automated backups and redundancies for 24×7 uptime. Somroli provided the online attendance system that is compliant with government info security rules and policies for Brockton Public Schools.

Payroll Integration: The online attendance management system was integrated with Tyler Munis Payroll.

Conclusion: Brockton Public Schools implemented automation of time and attendance process using Somroli’s cloud based time and attendance management solutions. Since the staff moved from paper based attendance keeping system to fully automated online attendance system, Somroli helped with solution requirements gathering and analysis, design, customization, implementation, training and ongoing support as needed for the solution.

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