Looking for manageable, scalable and affordable biometric fingerprint time clock system for your enterprise?
We have been helping enterprises with their unique time and attendance requirements. Our proprietary employee attendance monitoring solutions through biometric fingerprint time clock system integrate with your existing HR management systems and payroll processing solutions seamlessly. Our Fingerprint attendance system software is platform independent and can be used with applications running on different platforms, operating systems as well as applications from different vendors.

For IT developers or companies with software development teams, we provide implementation guide for integration with our servers using client hosted or PaaS model. With any technology platform, you would be able to integrate with our proprietary server APIs that are exposed and made available for IT developers. We have helped many businesses with their unique requirements for integrated biometric fingerprint attendance system, biometric device/ID readers architecture, for solution design, software design and development, integrations with existing software and modules of various sizes including enterprise business systems using various technologies like Oracle, SAP, Mysql, SQL Server.
Our biometric fingerprint time clocks system connects with web services seamlessly. The connection and setup are ‘plug and play’ and absolutely no software installations are needed at your business. Use any popular web browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox , Chrome, Safari, etc.) to manage time clocks as well as create various real time reporting for employee schedules and employee attendance. Key benefits of using web services in terms of cost are the affordable pricing and the pay is only based on the usage with easy scalability to grow as the business grows without any investment in infrastructure and software.

A key benefit of biometric fingerprint attendance system in terms of features, flexibility and usability is the easy access to real time data from anywhere using PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Key Features

  • Employee attendance monitoring solutions with no software and hardware.
  • No maintenance/upgrade hassle.
  • Automated alerts if devices are dysfunctional.
  • Real time attendance monitoring from any browser from anywhere including smartphones.
  • Automated device management (DLST settings, device memory management by automated backups and data archival).
  • 100% secure. Data encryption with highest industry standards available.
  • Guaranteed uptime (99.999%).
  • Fall back process provided in the event your site(s) loose internet connections.
  • Affordable price


Software Key Capabilities

  • Basic HRMS
  • Workforce scheduling tools
  • Employee absence management
  • Support multi-pay cycle, multi-company, multi-union rules.
  • Employee time and attendance (Web/Fingerprint time clocks/ID readers/Smartphone)
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Payroll integration

Quick summary of webservices documentation for integration with our server.

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