Time and Attendance(Fingerprint/ID Reader/Smartphone) Integration with Tyler Munis ERP

Our cloud or on premise server is integrated with data capture devices biometric (fingerprint/face reader)/ID card reader/smartphone geo location, also integrates seamlessly with Tyler Munis ERP software, popular ERP among public sector, government entities. We provide interfaces that would work with Tyler Munis ERP (workforce management as well as financial modules) seamlessly, both systematically as well as via manual download/upload of stanard files exported/imported using Tyler Munis ERP front end.
We are also able to provide direct access to Somroli Systems Server Database which is a popular RDBMS database and custom report creation tools.

Biometric/ID Reader Time and Attendance Solution with Tyler Munis ERP

Somroli Systems Server (which is our cloud based/on premise time and attendance server connected with all time capture devices(fingerprint/face reader/ID reader/Smartphones) is integrated with Tyler Munis ERP using open standard XML interfaces. This allows us to quickly update all interface adapters and be compatible with all versions of Tyler Munis ERP as and when Tyler releases new version of Munis ERP.
Our interfaces synch up all job codes/pay codes as well as locations/employees and employee privileges from Tyler Munis ERP to our time and attendance server using manual or automated pull of information from Tyler Munis Systems.
All payroll data for specific pay cycle (Attendance, Absence, Extra pay) is pushed to Tyler Munis ERP for payroll processing and job costing.
Our time and attendance server is fully compatible with linux/windows servers and compatible with SQL Server.
All notifications(device status, attendance reports, manager approvals etc) are configured and managed via our time and attendance server.
IT Administrators can access IT Admin section of time and attendance server for remote time clock management.

Case study: Somroli completes successful implementation and go live of cloud based time and attendance solution integrated with Tyler Munis Payroll, learn more >> .

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