Time and Attendance(Fingerprint/ID Reader/Smartphone) Integration with BambooHR

Our cloud or on premise server is integrated with data capture devices biometric (fingerprint/face reader)/ID card reader/smartphone geo location, also integrates seamlessly with BambooHR Online software, popular among small/mid size businesses.

Biometric/ID Reader Time and Attendance Solution with BambooHR

Somroli Systems Server (which is our cloud based/on premise time and attendance server connected with all time capture devices(fingerprint/face reader/ID reader/Smartphones) is integrated with BambooHR.

Our interfaces synch up all job codes/pay codes as well as locations/employees and employee privileges from BambooHR Online to our time and attendance server using automated pull of information from BambooHR Online.
All payroll data for specific pay cycle (Attendance, Absence, Extra pay) is pushed to BambooHR Online for payroll processing and job costing.

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