Customer Testimonials

Pat Melvin-Carolus, HR Manager, SERF, Inc

I and my associates have been very pleased with the service they have provided. Whether I’m working at my desk or at home I can log into to the software and view a live attendance log (which means I can see who is working and who’s not) , fix any missing clocks, request reports, and I can clock in or out as needed. Response time is great when you’re requesting support from them. If you’re in the market for a new biometric attendance and HR system I would recommend you trying the Somroli Systems Solutions.

Bhupen Amin,CEO Lotus Hotels and Investments

Pete Skaarup, Senior Program Analyst, LeHigh Gas (NYSE:LGP)

Ian Lewis, System Administrator, LeHigh Gas (NYSE:LGP)

Tony Daniels, IT Director, AHRC, New York.

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