Somroli Systems(DBA) is registered as Simple IT Solutions Inc. in state of California, USA.
Somroli Systems is a global products and services company helping businesses and enterprises since 2008.
Somroli Systems provides enterprise Time and Attendance solutions using biometric time capture devices on premise or on cloud. Somroli Systems also provides professional services to mid-size and large enterprises for integration with HR/Workforce management and payroll applications with Somroli Systems products. Our products can be hosted on the cloud or on premise. Somroli Systems offers SaaS solutions to small to mid-size businesses for Time and attendance, absence management and payroll services.Company facts:
• Headquartered in Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA
• Founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and technology leaders.
• Established in 2008, stable company.
We take pride in applying innovation and advance technology to constantly enrich our products and services.

Our Mission

Somroli Systems mission is to provide advance technology products and solutions by applying innovation and constantly evolving them as per the need of the clients, that are simple to use, scalable and economical for businesses and enterprises.

Customer Focus

Somroli Systems is committed to providing the absolute best products and services to our customers. Our products and services are delivered by our specialized teams armed with thorough knowledge of an industry’s history, current business issues and applicable technologies. All of this enables us to provide targeted solutions to meet the exacting demands of our clients.
We also believe that only the customer is capable of defining “quality” for their individual needs.
For us no customer requirement is unreasonable and infeasible to implement.